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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Oct 4, 2009 8:27pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Copyright Law and Intellectual Delusions

The meta-data they add, makes the item more findable on their database.

That meta-data enhances the value of the item. But the meta-data is worthless on its own, without the item it refers too.

Therefore, you are free to download the item, and if needed, add your own meta-data.

But to stay legal, you have to research and write up, you own meta-data file.

When Intel puts out a new CPU chip, it is illegal to make an exact copy in a Star Trek replicator or to reverse engineer it, to make a exact copy.

What they do (the competitors)is put engineers in two separate rooms, only connected by a phone line.

Room 1, has Intel's chip, the engineers there, verbally describes how the chip reacts to certain inputs, the engineers in room 2 write that down, then design a CPU that will react the same way to input, as the Intel CPU does.

And its not a pin by pin input=output, but the input, is software instructions such as Windows might use, the output of the CPU, is how Windows reacts.

And if they can prove in a court of law, that was the exact process used to make an equivalent to Intel CPU, Intel has not a hope in the world of stopping that copy of their CPU chip, going onto the market, at less cost than their own Intel CPU chip.

What I am saying is, a out of copyright text is free for all, provided you dont copy the associated meta-data.

BUT, no reason why you can not add your own value, by generating your OWN meta-data.

So, if downloading a copy of a out-of-copyright text from one digital library, to put onto another digital library, or the Internet Archive, you are copyright legal as long as you dont copy the meta-data, but write your own version.

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Poster: garthus Date: Oct 4, 2009 8:59pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Copyright Law and Intellectual Delusions


Right on, no convince the librarians that they do not own those materials, that is their delusion.
he hehe :)